The Problem With Email [06/03/2017]

    Email....Now a days everyone has atleast one account or manages one despite various new chat systems such like social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Skype, Discord or any other text based chat Email has remained at the center of all of our accounts from Social networks and games to Banking and Shopping. However as technolgy has evolved at an exponential rate E-mail has fallen behind in terms of secuirty and use. Most people now a days use E-mails for activing and verify other accounts and rarely send messages to other people with E-mail However im not going to go over the entire evoltion of E-mail and its potentional future in this post im going to cover the secuirty side of E-mail. Both POP and IMAP the main protocols for E-mail haven't had any major changes since there release around 1990 back in a time where people thought more about function over secuirty this means that there are a number of secuirty issues with the base E-mail protocol that can easily be exploited and is relativly hard to defend agaist such as E-mail Spoof which we will cover below.

    Email Spoofing
    Email Spoofing is when you fake your E-mail address so for example my real email can be but with E-mail spoofing I can tell the reciveing server that I am anyone in this case and because there is no real authincation system for sending emails the user that is reciving the E-mail will see that it was sent from even thought its not however luckly we cannot see any replys to that email as we would need login details to the specific email server in order to read those emails or exploit there email server in some way to download the emails. However this doesn't mean that its common for people to be exploiting as you still need a victim's email so as long as your email isn't publiclly available or given to a undertrustworthy user then is very unlikely for people to be sending spoofed emails to you and also decreasing your chance of falling for a phising email if you are an average user.