Single Point Of Failure [08/01/2017]

    With the various forms of media being lost to time either because it wasn't publicly avaliable, converted into a digital format, removed for copyright, blocked by censorship or just about any other way data can be lost it is important to have a backup plan in place in the event that something bad does happen. For example this website is stored in serval places GitHub, 1&1 web hosting, My main PC, My netbook and a couple of USB drives with plans to make a p2p copy basiclly the idea is to have as many backups as possiable online and offline in case something does happen such as with the Mirari Botnet Attacks but this can also be helpful for historical reasons as well because if your media (in this case a website) is properly formatted or stored it will work properly on almost any system with or without the internet and allows future users to find old software or information that maybe outdated or removed by various people.
    TLDR : If you want your data to survive in the future make lots of backups using different technoliges and formats to avoid data loss, corruption or anything else that may or may not happen.