Cryptocurrency's And The Future Of Money [06/07/2017]

    Cryptocurrency's such as bitcoin have been around for a view years now but recently new coins such as ethereum are starting to get main stream attention especially as ethereum can be mined using standard PC hardware such as GPU's and CPU's where as bitcoin has grown so big that its only profitable to use an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (A.S.I.C) miner. Cryptocurrency's are getting more popular for various reasons including the hope of using the block chain technology (The code that powers most of this currency's) to one day make a completely decentralized internet without that risk of censorship. Allot of new people are joining the cryptocurrency craze just for the money but allot of people have faith in the technology behind many cryptocurrencys which in turn makes this currency's valuable because most cryptocurrencys have no set price there is a chance to make allot of money through trading and most cryptocurrencys are worth what ever a majority of people believe it to be worth similar to most traditional currency's if everyone believes that $1 is worth $2 then it will the same applies with cryptocurrencys but on a much larger scale.

    Also cryptocurrencys allow of a level of privacy that traditional currency doesn't and most cryptocurrencys are "universal" meaning that you don't need to change your bitcoin..ethereum...etc into another currency to buy stuff in a different country as long as they accept bitcoin you can spend your bitcoin and if they don't you can exchange them for your country's local currency.

    Cryptocurrency's are also free from censorship because the entire network is decentralized it is practically impossible to take down the bitcoin network or to abuse it for personal or political gain.

    It's possible that some day in the near future that most of the worlds money will be in some form of cyptocurrency. current many governments are looking into various cyptocurrency's with China having a large role in the bitcoin network and Russia gaining interest in ethereum.