Best Linux Distributions For ARM Devices [08/09/2018]

    Over time I have had experience with various ARM based devices these include everything your typical Android phone to more hobbyist/hacker/maker focused boards such as the Raspberry Pi and its various competitors. Below is a list of some the best and most widely used/support Linux distributions for these devices.

    • Termux - While Termux isn't a actual Linux distribution it is a useful emulator for Android that allows hobbyists and developers to easy use mainly Linux based tools on their phone or tablet.
    • ARMBIAN - ARMBIAN is a Debian Linux based for ARM devices they feature a wide range of supported devices and are usually the easiest to setup while supporting a wide range of tools and hardware.
    • Diet Pi - Diet Pi is an ARMBIAN based distribution however it removes allot of tools that many people may consider bloatware and strips the OS to the bare essentials leading to an increase in performance compared to other distributions.
    • TinyCore - Tiny Core is possible the smallest Linux distribution that is still under active development. This isn't recommended for the average user and is more tailored towards hobbyist/hackers as many tools need to be compiled and ported to the platform